Medical Coding and Billing Online

Medical coding and billing online programs can give you the knowledge necessary to pursue a career in an in-demand healthcare field. Since the curriculum does not require on-site experience, it is ideal for virtual learning. As a result, these online programs offer flexible, self-paced options that students can pursue without disrupting their daily routines. Medical coding and billing programs online offer curriculum equal to classroom educations and may be used to meet some certification requirements.

What are the benefits of studying medical coding and billing online?

Studying medical coding and billing online may be beneficial to you depending on your learning preferences, financial situation and lifestyle demands. Programs that offer online programs in the field typically can be completed entirely online and offer these benefits:
  • Flexibility to access courses at your convenience any time of the day
  • Portability to access your coursework at home or on-the-go, wherever you have a computer connection
  • Freedom to maintain your full-time job, allowing you to meet financial obligations or accrue valuable experience while you learn
  • Availability of unique methods such as games, video and audio to make topics more engaging and memorable
  • Possible savings since studying medical coding and billing online may be less expensive than traditional classroom programs
  • More relaxed environment for adult learners or those with special needs who may feel more comfortable learning at their own pace rather than in a traditional classroom
  • Access to online tools that can include tutoring, goal setting and progress tracking for learning success

How do online programs compare to classroom programs?

Medical coding and billing online programs provide the same education offered in classroom programs. The difference is in how you access coursework and submit assignments. Many schools offer apps and other online tools that allow students in medical coding and billing online programs to access the same library resources and reference materials available to classroom students. If you select an accredited medical coding and billing online program—which is highly recommended for your ability to receive an approved, quality education; and for the benefit of being able to apply for federal financial aid—you can be assured that your education will be comparable to the same program offered in the classroom. Both medical coding and billing online programs and classroom programs include instruction in these subjects:
  • Human anatomy
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical codes
  • Healthcare billing
  • Medical records management

How are medical coding and billing online programs accredited?

Completion of an accredited medical coding and billing online program is a requirement for some types of medical coding certifications. Enrolling in an accredited online program ensures that you will learn a specific body of knowledge required for certification. Programs are accredited in a voluntary peer review process in which they are compared against the standards of the organization granting accreditation.
Medical coding and billing online programs are accredited by the same organizations that accredit classroom programs:  
  • The Commission of Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM)
  • American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)

How long does it take to complete a medical coding and billing online program?

The time it takes you to complete a medical coding and billing online program varies by institution. In many cases, the timing depends on your personal goals. Some programs allow you to proceed as quickly as possible, moving from one course to the next. For those who prefer a slower pace, some schools set a limit on the amount of time allowed for program completion. The time requirement also depends on the type of degree awarded upon graduation. Students who earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree as part of their online program have more requirements than those who enroll in certificate programs, which can be completed in less than a year at some schools.

Is there an advantage to medical coding and billing online programs since the job is primarily done online?

While medical coding and billing online programs offer the same content as classroom programs, online students gain extensive experience in computer use during their education. Some of this experience extends from the fact that virtual students are online continually, whether learning, researching or studying. They learn to use a variety of online support tools during their education. Many coding and billing online programs offer access to tools that can duplicate the work experience of using online tools to code. As a result, medical coding and billing online students may gain more confidence in their computer skills as they become more familiar with computer capabilities and coding online. This can be helpful for those starting education programs with little computer experience.


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